Part One: Compelling reasons why the Chicago Bears need Mac Jones

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The Chicago Bears need to find a quarterback that makes good decisions

If as a fan you want to really understand what makes great quarterbacks tick you need to pay close attention to what ex-NFL quarterbacks, as well as QB experts like Mike Leach and Mouse Davis, can teach us about quarterbacks. I for one am not claiming to be a quarterback expert, just a good student of these experts.

When it comes to young quarterbacks, I resist rushing to judgment. Judging quarterbacks as they adjust to the NFL is a layered, complicated matter. It does not, at all, lend itself to hot takes being of any use. A lot of media types, including ex-NFL players who were not quarterbacks, are prone to hot takes on QBs.

However, I cannot recall an ex-NFL quarterback rushing to judgment on a young quarterback. Here is another example of an ex-NFL quarterback giving us insight. Last year, Terry Bradshaw, when talking about Jameis Winston, said in effect that if he stops focusing too long on his primary receiver with the typically short time he has to release the ball that Winston can cut back on his interceptions.

In 2019, Winston threw 33 touchdowns and 30 interceptions. Bradshaw, like Winston, was a young quarterback with a cannon for an arm that early in his career threw a bunch of interceptions. Presumably, this is a lesson he learned as a young quarterback.