The most likely path for the Chicago Bears to acquire Russell Wilson

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The Chicago Bears should look to Mac Jones in the draft either way

Another key component to all of this that hangs in the balance is which quarterback the Bears target in the draft and can they get him? I recently wrote why I believe this quarterback should be Mac Jones. It is quite possible the Bears will be able to draft him. However, it is likely this will require trading up.

Mac Jones has two very strong traits that also are the two top traits the vast majority of QB experts want in a quarterback. These are decision-making and accuracy. For a quarterback whose arm strength is considered average, his long ball accuracy is absolutely remarkable. This article includes a number of compelling reasons why Mac Jones should be the Bears’ first-round pick. That is if they do not trade for Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson.

So far there is a consensus of who gets ranked as the top three quarterbacks in this draft. However, that consensus is starting to get a little shaky. Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson and Justin Fields are those top three. I for one believe Mac Jones can be as good or better than these guys. It is also quite possible that Mac Jones can step in as a day one starter and at least be a good NFL quarterback.

However, given the uncertain status that Nagy and Pace are quite likely working under, I presume they both would prefer to have a veteran like Alex Smith start for the Bears in 2021. Then from the Seattle side, we have no idea how the Seahawks feel about Mac Jones or Trey Lance.

These two quarterbacks are the best ones in this draft the Bears have the best chance of drafting. Again, drafting one of them will most likely require trading up. Then again, for all we know, the Seahawks might like or even prefer Kyle Trask.