The most likely path for the Chicago Bears to acquire Russell Wilson

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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The final factor in favor of the Bears waiting to trade for Russell Wilson

Another factor in favor of the Bears waiting until after June 1st to make a trade for Russell Wilson is Russell Wilson himself. If he knows the Bears have a very good offer on the table that fits into the Seahawks cap space, who knows how far Wilson will go to force the Seahawks to take the deal.

For example, maybe he will threaten to not show up for OTA’s or even training camp. He could also threaten to sit out the season without really intending to keep this threat. If Wilson played some hardball, he could very possibly push the Seahawks into taking a deal from the Bears.

So there you have it — the ins and outs of how the Bears can finally embrace the decades-long era of the NFL that pivots around offense and franchise quarterbacks. Understandably, many readers probably feel a trade for a franchise quarterback weeks after an NFL draft has concluded, is a far-fetched idea. Maybe it is, maybe not.

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However, this is by far the most likely way the Bears can insure themselves of acquiring a franchise quarterback at this point in time. It has been 36 long years since the Bears have won a Super Bowl. Russell Wilson after many decades has opened a toe in the door for the Bears to set up a Super Bowl for this upcoming season and beyond. The Chicago Bears need to put all their might into walking through that door.