Chicago Bears may have to include this player in a trade for Russell Wilson

Chicago Bears - Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

When Adam Schefter tweeted back on Feb. 25 about Russell Wilson expressing interest in joining the Chicago Bears, the city of Chicago rejoiced. It was arguably some of the best quarterback news the city had heard in years. Wilson would certainly be a fix at the quarterback position. As reports come out stating that Wilson is the Bears’ top priority, there is a player few are considering in trade packages. That player is running back David Montgomery.

It seems like a rather foolish move to include Montgomery in a trade. The second-year back eclipsed over 1,000 rushing yards for the Chicago Bears offense and was a sparkplug in the team’s late 2020 playoff push. His value seems too much to give up, yet there are a few reasons why his name could appear in trade conversations.

David Montgomery could be a key piece for a Chicago Bears-Russell Wilson trade

For one thing, the Seattle Seahawks’ offense would change dramatically if they move on from Russell Wilson. Should Wilson end up on the Chicago Bears roster in 2021, the Seahawks would likely shift gears towards a run-heavy offense. This would be an easier transition if their current running back, Chris Carson, wasn’t a pending free agent. That might make Montgomery a more enticing piece in any trade.

While it’s important to not undermine Montgomery’s success with the Chicago Bears, replacing him wouldn’t be as challenging as other positional groups. The team has Tarik Cohen returning, and they recently re-signed Ryan Nall. The team could retain Artavis Pierce, or keep Spencer Ware around, who was a late addition to the team’s 2020 practice squad. It could also be a position addressed once again in the NFL Draft.

The former Iowa State running back is also entering the third year of his four-year contract. Should he continue to produce as he has so far, an extension is likely warranted. The Chicago Bears may feel pressured to either extend Montgomery or trade him away, similar to what they did with Jordan Howard. Montgomery has certainly made an argument for an extension, but it may be money the Bears won’t have or money they could use for Wilson.

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Again, this isn’t to spite Montgomery. He’s been a terrific player for the Bears, but in a free agency year where a quarterback such as Russel Wilson may be available, the Chicago Bears can’t afford to miss out. Wilson would fix the most important position in football for the Bears, and likely bring the team some long-term success. If it means Montgomery needs to be a part of that deal, then the Bears need to put all their cards on the table.