Chicago Bears current cap situation and how they can fix it

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Chicago Bears, Akiem Hicks
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Trades could free up cap space and gain draft picks for the Chicago Bears

The other big way to open up cap space is through trading a player away. This would open up even more holes for the Bears but could allow them to get more draft capital to fill more needs or even use that capital to trade for Russell Wilson.

There aren’t as many trade candidates for this offseason for the Bears, but a few would save them a lot of money. Here are some potential trade candidates.

  • Kyle Fuller, CB — $11 million
    • 2021 First/Second-Round Pick
  • Allen Robinson, WR — $18 million
    • 2021 First/Second-Round Pick
  • Akiem Hicks, DT — $10.5 million
    • 2021 Third/Fifth-Round Pick
  • Nick Foles, QB — $1.3 million
    • 2021 Fifth/Seventh-round pick

Again, this isn’t calling for all of these players to be traded. These are just candidates for the idea. Some players like Allen Robinson may not want to be here given his contract issues here and his constant complaining about the Bears and the franchise tag.

Additionally, some players like Hicks and Fuller could help win-now teams that need one more piece to help their team. Both of them still have high value as well despite them getting older.

If the Bears traded away these players, that would open up the Bears’ cap space to $21 million. See how well that works? It’s easy to manipulate the cap.