3 reasons Allen Robinson is better than Kenny Golladay

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Allen Robinson
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Production and quarterback play

Let’s be fair to Kenny Golladay, Robinson has a head start to get nearly 3,000 more career yards at the same age. How about how the two have played since 2017, when Golladay was drafted? This is a fair comparison because while Golladay missed most of 2020, and missed time in his first two years, Robinson missed all of 2017 with an ACL issue. Below is the production of the two on a per-game basis and since 2017.

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On one hand, you could say that Golladay is creating more on a per catch basis, but overall Robinson is creating more. He is more heavily targeted and the offense goes through Robinson more. Still, overall, you could argue the two either way and realize that there is not an upgrade if the Bears moved from Golladay to Robinson.

That is without the context of a quarterback. Say what you want about Matthew Stafford, he would be the best quarterback that Allen Robinson has ever played with. Still, you can argue Robinson with Trubisky and Foles has produced more than Golladay with Stafford. You can look at career numbers, or what have done for me lately. The edge goes to Robinson.