3 reasons Allen Robinson will play 2021 on franchise tag

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Allen Robinson can wait for a free market in 2022

The third reason can almost be as simple as Robinson only has so many options. He has liked a few tweets on social media but it is going to take a lot more than that to be a locker room issue that needs to be forced out. Beyond that, Robinson does not seem like the player who would go all the way through with forcing himself out.

When push comes to shove he will likely play out on the tag and test free agency in 2022.

To start, if he forces a trade this offseason, the Bears now control his destiny. Robinson will have to work out an extension, but the Bears will have to approve the trade. No matter what, it is not free agency for Robinson this year.

If Robinson causes enough issues to force a trade and has to go to the team that the Bears trade him to, all of a sudden he is not going to break the bank, either. He likely would have to play on the tag and prove himself.

Beyond that, the cap is going down in 2021. Still, with a new TV deal looming, and stadiums getting back to open, there is a chance the cap booms in 2022. Could Robinson make even more money putting up with the Bears for one more year.

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Robinson may not want to be tagged, and the Bears likely wish they were in a better spot as well. Still, the two are here, and the most likely scenario is that Allen Robinson spends a year playing on the tag and then tests free agency in 2022.