Chicago Bears: 4 cryptic signs pointing to a Russell Wilson trade looming

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Chicago Bears seem to be making some much-needed salary cap moves

The Chicago Bears have already moved on from Buster Skrine. That move did not save them too much, however, releasing Bobby Massie allowed them to save an additional $5.4 million. There will be more cuts coming. Jimmy Graham will likely be one of them — freeing up an additional $7 million dollars. However, if the team is really serious about making a splash, then they will need to restructure some players’ contracts.

It appears that two of those players are likely to be Cody Whitehair and Eddie Jackson. I would not be surprised if Kyle Fuller is included also and as long as Khalil Mack is not included in any trades, Mack too will likely see a restructure. One or both of those players could be moved, but either way, signs are pointing towards the Chicago Bears making some extra room this offseason.

The team could also look to either trade away or extend certain players that are at the tail end of their contracts. Akiem Hicks would make sense in this situation. He is due a little over $11 million dollars and trading him would not only free up $10.5 million, but the team would net some more draft capital in return. We all love Hicks, but Russell Wilson helps this team get closer to a Super Bowl more than Hicks does, unfortunately. This makes him a moveable piece.

Here is a more in-depth look at what the Chicago Bears can do to make room to bring in Russell Wilson and also pay Allen Robinson. The question is, do these moves have anything to do with the Bears making a run at Wilson? Probably not, but they don’t hurt either as reports are that Ryan Pace and company are all-in on making a Wilson trade happen.