Chicago Bears: 4 cryptic signs pointing to a Russell Wilson trade looming

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /
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The timing of Russell Wilson’s tweet after the Chicago Bears tag Allen Robinson

As the stars start to align, so does Twitter. The Chicago Bears announced that they will be using the franchise tag on Allen Robinson. Does this mean the team will look to finalize a long-term deal or just keep the wide receiver through the 2021 season? Maybe the team even looks to trade him for more draft capital to make that run at Russell Wilson? I know what I would do here and you can read about that soon.

Until then, let us take a look at what happened after Adam Schefter announced the Chicago Bears were placing the tag on Robinson. This beloved fan did us the favor of making it easy by putting a side-by-side look at Schefter’s tweet and then Russell Wilson’s tweet.

As you can see, one minute after the announcement, Russell Wilson tweeted that “when God is in it, there is no limit”. Was this simply a coincidence? Maybe. However, Chicago Bears fans have been going nuts at the idea that Wilson was leaving a cryptic message about how happy he was knowing that he might be throwing the ball to Allen Robinson in 2021. Russell Wilson had a solid wide receiver corps. in Seattle, but clearly, that is not enough for him to want to stay there.

I am not so sure the tweet was related, but at least we can have fun with it. Maybe more signs will convince us of the future?