Chicago Bears: 4 cryptic signs pointing to a Russell Wilson trade looming

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An NFL insider has been playing with Chicago Bears fans heartstrings lately

If the last set of consequences did not get you, here is another one for us to look at. In the early afternoon on Wednesday, Josina Anderson tweeted out how she still feels like the Chicago Bears must find a way to make something happen at the quarterback position. She then goes into detail about how maybe moving Nick Foles could be an option.

Now, this could mean literally anything. Could the Chicago Bears include Nick Foles in a trade for the likes of Russell Wilson? Could the Chicago Bears send Foles back to Philadelphia where he seems to be loved by the franchise and fans alike? This could give the Bears more draft capital to once again try and convince Seattle to move on from Wilson. I am not sold, but again, this emotional roller coaster is a fun one to be on this offseason.

This was not the end of Josina Anderson on Wednesday though. Several hours later (after plenty of other NFL-related tweets by the way), she tweeted out this doozy.

Chicago Bears fans have been in an uproar since this one. Fans simply refreshing Twitter over and over and over again, expecting some sort of news and hoping it involves the Chicago Bears and Russell Wilson. The thing is, as cryptic as her tweet was earlier in the afternoon, this one is even worse. This tweet could literally mean anything.

That said, why not link this one to the earlier one and expect it had something to do with Russell Wilson being moved to the Bears? Are you connecting all these dots together? It is clearly a roadmap that leads from O’Hare airport to Seattle-Tacoma International, right?