Chicago Bears: 2 ways Allen Robinson could help in Russell Wilson trade

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We all saw the writing on the wall regarding the Allen Robinson situation. The Chicago Bears and Robinson did not come to terms on an extension last summer, and things started to spiral throughout the 2020 season.

Allen Robinson took to social media and also made comments to the media directly about his contract situation. We have heard that he wants anywhere between $20 and $25 million per season. The Chicago Bears clearly do not believe he is worth that amount of money, and honestly, I somewhat agree with them.

If I was in charge of paying Allen Robinson, I would be giving him around $20 million dollars per year annually and not much more. If we look at the current landscape of wide receiver salaries, DeAndre Hopkins tops the list at $27.25 million in AAV. Following Hopkins is Julio Jones at $22 million and Keenan Allen at $20.02 million. If we are going to compare Allen Robinson to these three, he most closely resembles Allen on a per-game basis.

Per Game Table
Rushing Receiving
Rk Player From To Att Yds TD Rec Yds TD
1 Keenan Allen 2013 2020 0.2 1.0 0.0 6.2 74.0 0.4
2 Allen Robinson 2014 2020 0.0 0.1 0.0 5.2 68.2 0.4

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When the Keenan Allen deal happened last summer, I thought for sure the Chicago Bears and Allen Robinson would have followed suit with a nearly identical contract. Unfortunately, I believe the Bears preferred to keep things closer to $18 million per year and obviously Robinson deserved more than that based on the wide receiver market.

Now, we find ourselves split. Many want the Bears to just pay Robinson, while others do not believe he is worth what he wants. The thing is, both are basically true. This is what makes things more difficult, especially during a year when the league saw the salary cap drop for the first time in over a decade. Under the franchise tag, Allen Robinson is set to make $17.8 million — making him the eighth-highest-paid wide receiver in the league in 2021.

My question to all of you is, who would you rather have on this team — Allen Robinson or Russell Wilson? Here are two ways that Allen Robinson could find himself becoming a key cog in a Russell Wilson trade to the Chicago Bears.