Chicago Bears: Matter of time before Ryan Pace makes a splash

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace will need to make a splash

When a trade does happen, the Bears will more than likely overpay for what they get. Yes, that includes if they get Watson or Wilson. That’s the reality when everyone in the NFL knows your team’s General Manager and Head Coach are on the hot seat.

I can’t see Ryan Pace getting fired without putting up one last fight.

Pace will more than likely overpay and many fans will go crazy. This is what the Bears need to do though. Although I’m one of the bigger Jay Cutler fans out there, Wilson or Watson would undisputedly be the best quarterback the Chicago Bears have ever had.

This has been a weird offseason because guys of that caliber don’t usually hear their names on the trade block. Trading for one of those two would not only change the franchise but would also end the century-long stigma of not having a quarterback.

As I mentioned before, getting one of these franchise Quarterbacks wouldn’t come without a hefty price. The odds are that the Bears will have to give a good amount of first and second-round picks in order to make this deal work. On top of that, the Bears would most likely need to offer some pieces on defense.

I’ve heard reports that the Bears might wait a year and then trade for a quarterback. In my opinion, I think they trade for a QB this year or it’s a bust. Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy won’t last another season, so the odds of that are slim.