Chicago Bears: Clues to watch for indicating a Russell Wilson trade or not

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Today starts the “legal” tampering period of free agency. As we have seen in the past, teams and players will come to an agreement rather quickly and many names will agree in principle to specific deals before the official start of free agency on Wednesday. The Chicago Bears will not have much salary cap room to offer major deals and will likely look to sign second or third-wave players on team-friendly and short-term deals.

Instead of free agency, most Chicago Bears fans are waiting and hoping to hear that the team was able to trade for either Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson. Honestly, I don’t think Ryan Pace has a legit chance at Watson, but it seems like there is at least a sliver of hope regarding Wilson.

There are plenty of mixed reports going around though that seems to be leading us in a different direction every few hours. Just today, Ian Rappoport had this to say on the situation:

Note that this does not mean that the Seahawks are not going to move on from Russell Wilson, but it also means that they have not responded by saying no or gave a counteroffer request. Moving on from a top-five quarterback is not something most teams would do unless forced or they are offered too good of a deal that they just cannot refuse. That is something Jeremy Fowler is reporting the Chicago Bears are looking to do.

The thing is, it seems like if you want to find proof the Seahawks are not moving on from Wilson, you can find evidence to support that claim, however, if you want to find proof that the Seawaks are possibly going to trade Russell Wilson, you can find that evidence too. As free agency opens up this upcoming week, here are a few clues that will help determine what the Seahawks’ long-term plans are for their quarterback.