Chicago Bears: Clues to watch for indicating a Russell Wilson trade or not

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The Chicago Bears make a big move at a quarterback not named Russell Wilson

Another big clue that does not even involve the Seahawks per se, is if the Chicago Bears make a quick move at the quarterback position. This could be them signing Alex Smith, Jameis Winston or Ryan Fitzpatrick at some point this week. Signing one of these four just does not fit the likelihood that the Bears would also bring in Russell Wilson.

If the Chicago Bears make any move regarding the quarterback position that does not involve Russell Wilson, it is likely because the Seahawks have made it clear to Ryan Pace that Russell Wilson is not being traded.

The only other outcome is if Ryan Pace somehow convinced the Houston Texans to move on from Deshaun Watson and Watson waived his no-trade clause to move to Chicago. This would not necessarily mean the Seahawks were not willing to move Russell Wilson via trade, but that the Chicago Bears were just lucky enough to get the better situation at quarterback since Watson is younger than Wilson but just as good.