What adding this big lineman could mean for Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears - Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Bears have reportedly been hot on the Trent Williams trail. The future Hall of Fame left tackle from Washington went to San Francisco last season and proved that he should be valued like the best tackle in the NFL. While many teams will pursue Williams, it is worth noting that the Bears are being aggressive here.

A big swing like this would take some roster maneuvering as well. Trent Williams would play left tackle and that would mean moving on from Charles Leno, who could have some trade value. Teams are starving for left tackles with starter experience. Speaking of trade value, the signing of Trent Williams would make the most sense in conjunction with a team that is all-in to trade for a star quarterback.

To start, if the Bears are going to try to trade Leno and other starters to fit Williams into the mix, they better have a good plan at quarterback. The Bears need to improve their line, but upgrading left tackle with no plan at QB or right tackle would not make sense. Beyond that, why would Williams come to Chicago if say, Kansas City called to replace Eric Fisher.

However, if they traded some names like Leno in a package to acquire Russell Wilson, all of a sudden it would make a lot of sense that they would be hot on the Trent Williams trail. Wilson talked about how he wanted to go somewhere with an improved offensive line, and a name like Williams would make him feel comfortable to get to Chicago.

When you add a player like Wilson or Williams, players like Wilson and Williams become drawn to you. With adding players like this, they could find a solution to right tackle a bit easier. Or, that becomes the obvious round one hole, hint Teven Jenkins, hint.

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The reality is that the Chicago Bears are unlikely to add Williams if they do not think they can get Williams. Williams is unlikely to come to Chicago unless someone Wilson is coming. This is news worth watching.