Is Sam Darnold key to Chicago Bears getting Russell Wilson?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

If the Chicago Bears acquire Sam Darnold via trade in the next coming days, you may to wait and let the cards play out. It could be a part of a bigger plan. The New York Daily News has recently reported that if the Seattle Seahawks are moving on from Russell Wilson, that they would be interested in building around Sam Darnold.

While you can put two and two together and say that the Seahawks and Jets may work out a deal, it may not be that simple. Wilson has a no-trade clause, and so far has indicated that the Saints, Raiders, Cowboys, and Bears would be his favorite destinations. The Saints have signed two quarterbacks, and the Cowboys franchised Dak Prescott and are signing him to an extension.

So, if the Seahawks are going to deal Wilson, it seems as though the Chicago Bears are the best fit. They have been aggressively pursuing Wilson, and the Seahawks are listening, as they do to any call.

There are two ways that this could happen. To start, the Seahawks could get a haul of picks from Chicago for Wilson, as well as a few players. They could then use just a few of the assets that they added, or one of their own to trade for Sam Darnold. They would feel that they got their young QB, and have a much brighter future.

On the other hand, the Bears could try to speed up the process. They could trade for Sam Darnold. All of the sudden the Bears are offering their boatload of picks and players, and one of those players is Darnold, who the Seahawks prized.

We have learned that there are first-round picks, and then there are first-round picks that can get you a quarterback. The same can be said with players. There are players, then there is throwing in a player the team sees as a franchise quarterback.

The Bears do not have the picks to get a franchise quarterback at this stage. Future picks will not be valued because Wilson would be on the team. If the Bears can throw in Sam Darnold somehow it solves an obvious problem for what type of haul Chicago can send to Seattle.

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With this in mind, it will not be crazy to hear that Chicago is aggressively pursuing Darnold, whether they plan to keep him or not.