With Andy Dalton in for Chicago Bears, is Nick Foles out?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears signing Andy Dalton was equally shocking and expected at the same time. On one hand, you have a team desperate to do anything at quarterback. On the other, what do they get out of Andy Dalton that they are not getting out of Mitch Trubisky or Nick Foles? They seem to be stuck cycling the same guys.

While Andy Dalton is expected to be named the starter, that surely ends the Mitch Trubisky chapter in Chicago. However, what about Nick Foles? Foles’ experience in Chicago was up and down, to say the least, and certainly ended on the downward note.

When he was brought in to compete with Mitch Trubisky, it made sense to have the veteran push a young QB and hope to bring more out of him. With Andy Dalton as the starter, Foles seems less valuable in the backup role and more redundant. Foles also should feel as though he can compete with someone like Dalton, and while he would surely accept the backup role, I do not think he would be so apt to accept that on March 16.

With that in mind, you have to wonder if Foles’ days in Chicago are limited.

Nick Foles has a roster bonus due on March 20th for $4 million. If Foles is traded before that March 20 deadline, the Bears will save $4 million. If not, they have to wait until June 1 to save that $4 million in a trade.

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The Bears cannot eat $4 million and trade Foles. They have to trade him to save the cap space and get something in return. It is not going to be much, but teams may be interested. In fact, Denver has been linked to Foles recently.

Do not be surprised if, by March 21, Nick Foles is playing for someone else, and particularly the Denver Broncos.