Blueprint to fix the Chicago Bears after Andy Dalton disaster

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The Chicago Bears must find a way to trade Nick Foles

With Andy Dalton on the roster, there is no need for Nick Foles too. Again, this team cannot move forward in 2021 with Andy Dalton and Foles as the only options. Are the Chicago Bears really going to count on one or both of these quarterbacks to lead them through the 2021 season? If I am Ryan Pace, the answer is easily no.

Between the two of them, the Chicago Bears are spending nearly $17 million dollars. With reports that the Chicago Bears worked out a deal with the Seattle Seahawks, there’s no way that they will be making any big splashes outside of possibly the NFL Draft.

Rumors are that Seahawks general manager John Schneider was on board with the deal, but head coach Pete Carroll put a stop to it. Oh, what could have been. Instead, we now get Andy Dalton with maybe Nick Foles and who knows who else. Reports are that the Seahawks decision not to move Russell Wilson was also a decision “at this time”. This is important as the team may change their minds as the offseason continues. Maybe Wilson starts to force their hands.

However, if the team is able to trade away Nick Foles, Andy Dalton would slot in as more of a bridge quarterback, who could be a backup should the Chicago Bears somehow convince the Seahawks to move on from Wilson later this year. (Harder now that they just traded for Raiders guard Gabe Jackson) Or, even less likely, but maybe Deshaun Watson becomes an option.

The thing is, Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears must trade away Nick Foles, even if only for a seventh-round pick. Get him off the books to keep a top quarterback trade open as an option. Foles is not going to be the difference between this team finding success or not in 2021. This is not the only move to make though.