5 reasons to expect Chicago Bears to trade up for QB in 2021 NFL draft

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears smell of desperation

The first time Andy Dalton to Chicago Bears rumors popped up, Ian Rapaport played his own report down by saying that while the Bears had an interest in Dalton, they seemingly had an interest in every available quarterback. He laughed but was only half kidding.

The Bears smell bad of desperation. It can be argued that the Eagles used the Bears to get more for Carson Wentz out of the Colts. It is easy for the Colts to buy that the Bears will trade something big when they are desperate as they are.

This is a team that went all-in for Russell Wilson when almost nobody expected them to even get a call back from Seattle. Teams like the Patriots and 49ers and Panthers are eager to trade up for quarterbacks too. However, they do not have that desperation and the pure need that the Bears are currently operating with. Pace offered three first-round picks for Wilson and a good bit more. That means this type of maneuvering is on the table if he tries to move up as well.

Does this mean that the Bears are likely to overpay in trading up this year? Absolutely, but nobody said it would be the smart and savvy move. I am just saying they are going to get desperate and make an offer some teams cannot refuse to trade up.