Chicago Bears about to give Andy Dalton the Mike Glennon treatment

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Andy Dalton is about to get the Mike Glennon treatment from the Chicago Bears

Now, I have this funny feeling that Andy Dalton is going to get the Mike Glennon treatment this offseason. He was told he is the starting quarterback, but that has not kept the Bears out of the headlines when it comes to Russell Wilson still. Not to mention, this team cannot walk away from the 2021 NFL Draft with only Andy Dalton and Foles at quarterback. The Chicago Bears are still paying close attention to the Wilson trade situation.

I am still holding out hope a trade could happen come Draft Day, but the likelihood of the Chicago Bears landing Wilson is very slim despite reports that the Chicago Bears were willing to give up a large sum of draft capital along with two starting players. Rumors are that those two players were Kyle Fuller and Akiem Hicks — both rumored to be released or traded in the coming days.

If we see either of these two moved via release or trade, the chances of landing Russell Wilson becomes even bleaker. This is not the only way that Andy Dalton receives the Mike Glennon treatment. In fact, in an even more parallel move to Glennon, look for Dalton to be at the Chicago Bears draft party in April. Then look for Ryan Pace to draft a quarterback within the first three rounds. Even more likely, look for him to trade up for one of the top-five quarterback prospects.

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Here is the thing, at this point, I hope that Andy Dalton gets the Mike Glennon treatment. Although things are not exactly the same, the situation seems very similar. This team needs some hope and maybe that happens by trading for a player like Wilson or Deshaun Watson. More likely, that hope comes from Ryan Pace finally drafting another quarterback not named Mitch Trubisky. If a rookie is drafted, I’d expect Dalton to see a very short leash, just as Glennon saw in 2017.