Chicago Bears NFL Draft: Takeaways on Mac Jones at Alabama’s first pro day

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) /
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Mac Jones showed the Chicago Bears he’s not dependent on his teammates

During today’s pro day, Jones was making throws to guys that he might not have had the same chemistry with as he had with Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith or high-end wide receiver prospect Jaylen Waddle. It’s important to see that Mac Jones can make throws to people that don’t have crazy talent since that’s not what the Bears or many other teams have yet.

One thing that stood out to me the most about Mac Jones’ pro day was what he said about his work ethic and why he loves to prepare. Many of the leagues’ best have been scholars of the game, so noticing that early was something that intrigued me. Maybe Mac Jones isn’t the most polished diamond of the bunch, but what is his potential if that work ethic is what he says it is?

There could’ve been a handful of quarterbacks that succeeded in the offense that Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide had, but that shouldn’t be a knock on what Mac Jones can do.

If, and I stress if, the Chicago Bears either trade up to draft Mac Jones, or they somehow still have a chance to get him with their 20th pick, I see Mac Jones being significantly less productive than he was with DeVonta Smith, Najee Harris, and that Crimson Tide wall of an offensive line. I know, crazy take. However, the main thing I like about Mac Jones is his ability to be a student of the game.