Chicago Bears: Who and what to believe regarding Russell Wilson rumors

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Signs disagree that Russell Wilson will still be available to the Chicago Bears

Despite everything we are hearing from insiders at ESPN and other national syndicates, if we follow the signs that have taken place, it does not seem feasible.

If we go back and take a quick look at a general timeline of events, we will see that this all started when Russell Wilson’s agent made it known that he is willing to waive his no-trade clause to play for four specific teams. One of those teams was the Chicago Bears.

Then, chaos ensued, but Ryan Pace was clearly in trade talks with the Seahawks.

Ryan Pace and John Schneider meet up at North Dakota State University’s Pro Day and discuss the trade in person. Reports are that the Chicago Bears offered a blockbuster deal that included three first-round picks and two starting players. The deal was supposedly shot down by Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

Now, reports are that since the Seahawks have not come out and said anything and since Russell Wilson has not really said anything, it appears that a potential trade could still happen, it would just happen either closer to the draft, on Draft Day, or even a possible post-June 1 trade to spread out the dead cap hit.

That should about cover the main details, but now here are the signs that it doesn’t seem like a later trade is possible, at least not with the Chicago Bears.

Rumors are that the two players that were rumored to be in the trade for Russell Wilson were Akiem Hicks and Kyle Fuller.

Fuller is no longer with the Bears as he was released and signed with the Denver Broncos despite efforts to trade him individually. Hicks was also rumored to be on the trade block or to be released, but as of now, he seems safe.

Unless the reason that the team decided to hold onto Hicks is that he was the bigger piece in the trade to Seattle, it just does not seem like the Bears can offer the same or more to entice Seattle to say yes. On Draft Day, the Chicago Bears could offer four first-round picks and Hicks. Maybe Seattle would prefer that to Kyle Fuller anyway. Let’s just say, it does not seem like it’s happening.

Not to mention, the Chicago Bears just named Andy Dalton as their QB1.

Now, let’s look at the Seahawks. Although the team has not made any public statements about Russell Wilson — essentially killing all trade rumors, the team has made some silent moves indicating nothing is happening.

Chris Carson is now back with the Seahawks after signing a two-year deal. This is not saying much about the Seahawks and Russell Wilson, however, Wilson’s public reaction is more telling.

We are not done though. The Seahawks also made a trade with the Raiders, bringing in Gabe Jackson to help sure up the offensive line. Wilson had been complaining about his time to throw the football is an issue. The Seahawks have addressed that now, but is it enough?

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Final Thoughts:

The Chicago Bears should keep calling. The Chicago Bears should not stop attempting to land Russell Wilson, but it does appear that Adam Schefter, Jeff Darlington and other national media analysts are just fueling the rumor mill fire to keep us all talking. The thing is now, we Chicago Bears fans should just stop hoping. I will say it now, this is not happening. If I am wrong, well we will all be happy. If I am right, I am just saving you from more despair once you get your hopes up.