Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Blockbuster trade packages for a quarterback

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The Chicago Bears land a quarterback, but not from this draft class

In this scenario, the Chicago Bears were not lucky enough to see Mac Jones or Trey Lance fall, but they also are not in love enough with the likes of Trey Lance, Davis Mills or Kellen Mond to walk away from the 2021 NFL Draft without another option at quarterback.

Reports have come out recently that if the Jets were to move on from Sam Darnold, they are open to not receiving a first-round pick back in return. This opens things up for the Chicago Bears and honestly also for my liking.

When it comes to Sam Darnold, we have to remember that he is still only 23 years old. He also played for a team that had a worse offense than the Chicago Bears have had the last three years. Shockingly, well maybe not all that shockingly, the Jets had an even worse surrounding cast for Darnold than the Bears had here for Mitch Trubisky.

There is plenty to like still like about Darnold too. He has shown flashes, despite producing worse than Mitch Trubisky. I am all about system fits and truly believe some players do better in certain systems with certain coaches. Maybe bringing in Darnold will help rejuvinate his career. He has a strong arm and is athletic enough to move in and out of the pocket when needed.

Giving up a second-round pick for Darnold and a future conditional pick that could be a fourth or third round pick depending on certain factors the Jets and Bears decide on would be worth it in my opinion. I like what I’ve seen from Davis Mills and even Kyle Trask and Kellen Mond to a degree, but none have the potential to hit the ceiling of Sam Darnold. Do you take that risk or just draft a prospect who has the ability to at least be better than Darnold’s floor?