Chicago Bears Draft: First-round trades to move back and still land talent

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The Chicago Bears trade future draft capital for more picks in 2021

This trade feels more like a Ryan Pace type trade. The Chicago Bears move back five spots and swap the 20th-overall pick for the Jaguars’ 25th. Then the Jaguars and the Bears swap third-round picks, but the Bears get No. 65, which is the first pick in the third round. The Jaguars get the Bears’ pick at No. 83. Then, the Chicago Bears get the Jaguars fifth-round pick (170), while sending a future fourth-rounder in return.

Essentially, this is a trade back, with a trade up, while also sending future draft capital — definitely a Ryan Pace kind of trade. Although, he’d probably only move up in the first round as opposed to moving back. Let’s hope he’s learned his lesson, or at least reads this article showing him how things should be done.

In this final scenario, the Chicago Bears are still able to land a quality talent at 25. Rashod Bateman is once again available and the choice I made here. Adding a playmaker like Bateman to the roster to pair with Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney makes this offense immediately better. For those of you wanting an offensive lineman, the depth here is unbelievable and taking a wide receiver makes a more immediate impact.

With the Chicago Bears second-round pick (52), Jalen Mayfield was the best offensive tackle left on the board. It was easy to make that decision as I clicked the draft button. Landon Dickerson was also available and I considered taking him over Mayfield, but give me the outside blocker over the guy snapping the ball. Patience pays off and with the Jaguars pick at 65, Creed Humphrey was available.

In this trade scenario, the Chicago Bears would see plenty of talent coming off the board before their next pick at 164 and again at 170. Humphrey could have been a quarterback. Kyle Trask and Kellen Mond were both still available. All of the quarterbacks who could possibly push to start in 2021 would be off the board by 164, but that would not stop Ryan Pace from using 164 and 170 to move up for the quarterback the team might want in those middle rounds.