Chicago Bears: Making my case for these two quarterback prospects

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Traits are not everything Chicago Bears fans

Chicago Bears fans should not look at these quarterbacks like they are day-one starters. That has been part of the issue with the Chicago Bears. Either acquire or retain a true bridge quarterback and find a quarterback that can sit, learn, and develop the hunger to play instead of tossing them out to the wolves without a chance.

If they earn the right to start because they are good and not because the bridge is awful, you found your future starter. Mitch Trubisky needed seasoning. We all knew that. Unfortunately, Glennon was so terrible, Trubisky was the lesser of two evils. Rushing quarterbacks into play could be the downfall for Sam Darnold and Drew Lock as well, but only time will tell.

Elite arm strength. Yes, it is ideal to have a cannon as an arm, but it isn’t necessary. It is also something you can build up. Some scouting reports on Drew Brees found from Rick Gosselin and Sports Illustrated:

"“Not as strong an arm as I initially thought,” “Has the intangibles to be a solid quarterback. Not a franchise.”, “Needs and offense where you’re not going to have to drive the ball,” and the obvious things about his size."

I am not saying Kyle Trask is the next Drew Brees, but if you want to get a head start on building a talented quarterback, stop looking at their dynamic arm strength and running ability first. Those are good qualities to have but find a quarterback first (a thrower). Can this quarterback play quarterback? Can he distribute the ball to his weapons? Can he avoid pressure?

Can he lead? Does he have situational awareness? Those are the things quarterbacks need. Yes, NEED. The rest of the attributes are just a bonus. Too many times have I seen the Chicago Bears do it backward. Get your quarterback first, then grab the athletic gifts second. That statement leads us to Kellen Mond.

Mond is Kyle Trask but with all of the skills. I am not talking about the size. Mond is a quarterback first. Mond just did not have the star power to lift the offense to the heights that Trask did. Mond’s best receiver was Jhamon Ausbon. Ausbon’s college skill set is similar to Riley Ridley’s. Ausbon is not a dynamic athlete. What he brings to the table is route running and catching ability. None of which would have provided Florida Gator-like numbers.