Chicago Bears: 3 trades with the Lions to move up and draft a quarterback

Chicago Bears (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Roquan Smith
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Another defensive star departs from the Chicago Bears

Detroit’s defense was anything but appealing last season. If the Lions wish to fully rebuild their roster, they may be interested in finding security and long-term pieces on both sides of the ball.

The Chicago Bears get to retain their 2023 first-round pick and use a 2023 third-round pick instead of sending the pick in 2022. As the Detroit Lions rebuild, this allows the Chicago Bears to spread the trade out over a three-year span as opposed to losing two picks in the same draft. Aaron Glenn is the Lions’ new defensive coordinator, who ran mostly a hybrid of a 4-3 defense, but may adjust the scheme to a 3-4.

As a result, the Lions would want a steady producer at middle linebackers, and Roquan Smith fits the mold here. He’s been a core part of this Bears’ defense, but the potential for a long-term solution at quarterback overshadows that.

Many fans will be upset with the idea of sending Roquan Smith to another team, let alone a divisional rival. However, Roquan will be due for an extension soon, one that the Bears may not be able to give him. Using him as a trade piece now could help avoid a potential issue down the road.