2021 Quarterback market speaks to Mitch Trubisky perception

As the Chicago Bears somehow managed to make the playoffs a small crowd of fans began praising Mitch Trubisky. The idea was that wins over the helpless Texans and Jags were enough to prove that he could lead a team into 2021. However, those performances only did not change the Bears’ heart on Trubisky, it had nobody in the NFL buying into what he could be.

This offseason 11 free agent quarterbacks signed new deals. Trubisky was tied with C.J. Beathard for the 7th highest average annual salary of that group.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andy Dalton, Tyrod Taylor, Jacoby Brissett, and Joe Flacco all signed for more than Trubisky this offseason. Only Tim Boyle, Mike Glennon, Chase Daniel, and Colt McCoy have signed for less. At least we know that Trubisky still is viewed better than Daniel and Glennon.

While reports were that Trubisky took less to reset his value this season, other reports have come out saying that Trubisky just did not have a market.

What is even more fascinating is the trade market. Sam Darnold, a bust by all accounts, who did not have nearly as high of a high as Trubisky in 2018 was traded for in exchange for multiple picks including a future second. Carson Wentz, who had one good season, and has been erratic since got a future second with the chance to be a first. The lows of Wentz in 2021 were lower than Trubisky ever had. Still, Wentz and Darnold will make more than Trubisky and will have more 2022 security as well.

Fans of Trubisky blame Matt Nagy, and the offensive line, and the lack of skill players. However, NFL GMs blamed play calling, OL, and skill players to excuse Wentz and Darnold, but did not do the same for Trubisky.

The reality is that at this juncture, more teams buy into Darnold, Wentz, or even Joe Flacco as Trubisky. Trubisky is looked at as a C.J. Beathard type player now, which is a far drop from the debate of having his fifth-year option picked up.


Were other teams high on Mitch Trubisky on draft day? Absolutely. However, no other team saw Trubisky play for four years and thought that they could get more out of him. The Panthers could have had him for pennies compared to Darnold and said no chance. You can laugh at the Panthers but that speaks a lot of Mitch Trubisky’s perception right now.