Chicago Bears: What should we really expect for this coming season?

After the 2018-2019 season, the Chicago Bears gave fans hope that their team would be in contention for a Super Bowl for the next few years. As we all know, the team has only gone downhill from there.

What was once one of the most exciting teams in the NFL has become a mediocre team at best, with an above-average defense and little to no offense. After the two disappointing years, this offseason has been in the spotlight for the Bears.

Fans were expecting their questions to be answered and hopefully for this team to become competitive again. So far, all we have gotten is more questions than answers, and most will agree that the team has not gotten a whole lot better, yet. So, what should we really expect going into this season?

The Chicago Bears will once again be stuck in mediocrity

The answer is mediocrity. The feel for me is that this will be a middle-of-the-pack Chicago Bears team that might make the playoffs, similar to last year’s team. Right now, I am telling myself that this team can still be competitive and win games.

We have a clear ‘QB1’ from what the Bears have told us, and there is still a lot to be excited about. Allen Robinson is back, Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet are looking to take big leaps in their sophomore campaigns, and the defense is still a strong point, even after losing Kyle Fuller. Still, deep down I know I am lying to myself.

If we think about it, a lot of teams got a lot better. Even the great teams got better, like the Chiefs and Buccaneers. Then there are the teams on the rise, like the Cardinals, Dolphins, and the Chargers. Did the moves the Bears made keep them on pace with these other teams? It would be hard to say yes to that.

The Chicago Bears had a small window to be competitive. It is sad to say that we have missed it. The position the Bears are in would be Super Bowl or bust for most teams. All of the money they have spent would say this team is a contender. Yet, do we really see them winning even eight games next year? With the toughest schedule in the NFL and little improvements in some areas, how can we expect the Bears to be successful?

The top quarterbacks in the draft have basically been picked already, and we struck out on Russell Wilson after he had put Chicago in his desired destinations. All that we are left with is rumors and a small bit of hope. With that said, it might be time to look at the bigger picture and see what we might not want to admit is real.

I am not saying this season is a wash already. We found a way to make the playoffs last year amidst a revolving door at quarterback, opt-outs, and an offense that was barely functional. This team is arguably better plus there will be some new rookies. This is not a Super Bowl team, and even if we get into the playoffs it would be hard to make a deep run.

It is not ideal, but right now the Chicago Bears are stuck in mediocrity. Hopefully, Ryan Pace and company ace the draft and add some much-needed talent to this team. Bears fans should never lose their hope for their team, though, and there is still much to be excited about. It is just important to remain realistic in our expectations and get ready to accept the situation for what it is.