Chicago Bears Rumors: Top-5 destinations for an Anthony Miller trade

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Chicago Bears trade rumors: Anthony Miller with the Chargers is a perfect fit

This might be my favorite landing spot for Anthony Miller. Justin Herbert looked great in his rookie season despite the Chargers struggling to put wins together. Add in another offensive weapon like Anthony Miller and this team might have one of the best wide receiver corps. in the NFL.

Currently, the team has one of the better wide receivers in the league in Keenan Allen. Allen signed a big contract last offseason that I thought the Chicago Bears would emulate when dealing with Allen Robinson’s expiring contract. On the opposite side of Allen is Mike Williams. Williams fits a similar mold to Allen and both play well on the outside.

Adding in a player like Anthony Miller could really pull the wide receiver room together. Miller can play all over the field, but should really excel out of the slot. For any fans of these teams, I urge you to not listen to social media. All over the place, you will see Chicago Bears fans complain about Miller’s drops. Miller does not have a hands problem, in fact, his hands are one of his best traits. Miller’s drop percentages over the last three years were 7.4%, 3.5% and 5.3% — not bad at all.

The Chargers earned a third-round compensatory pick this year. Although I would love for the Chicago Bears to land that high of a draft pick for Miller, I would expect the Bears to get a fourth or fifth-rounder at most for him. That extra pick could mean the Chargers are more willing to give up their fourth-rounder though. Make it happen Ryan Pace.