Is Stone Forsythe Chicago Bears future LT?

Stone Forsythe is the son of a former NFL player, Ray Forsythe. Forsythe redshirted his first season with the Florida Gators but found himself at right tackle during his RS Freshman year for a couple of starts. As an RS Sophomore Forsythe moved around from guard to right and left tackle. However, during his final two seasons at Florida, Stone Forsythe found himself and became the anchor at left tackle. With multiple years of starting experience and position flexibility, Forsythe has the attention of NFL draft evaluators.

He recently worked out at the Florida Pro Day, and you can see his size, and athleticism compared to others at his position below. He is a bit thin for his height but is above average across the board as an athlete.

Traits where Stone Forsythe can translate to the NFL

The combination of his height, length, and foot quickness brings a very high ceiling. Stone Forsythe moves very fluidly in his pass sets, and he has beaten many talented SEC pass rushers to the edge with his shuffle.

Beyond that, with his length, he can beat most to the punch with a quick drop back and a strong punch, he often can push his man back and still retreat back to gain a step on his man. For a player with quick feet and a long reach like that you have a lot to work with.

Check out some of his clips here.

The addition of experience and versatility is a big cherry on top.

Where Stone Forsythe will need to adjust in the NFL

He wins almost solely based on his athleticism and size. He struggles with smaller pass rushers who are able to get underneath him and does struggle with leverage as well. Forsythe has a great drop-back in pass pro but is not the same mover downhill as a run blocker. At his size, he struggles to get his hands on defenders when on the move, and linebackers can slip under him as well.

Beyond that, he is prone to standing himself up and losing leverage. This can occur at the attack point in pass pro as well, and he is at his best just when he is shuffling back and using his length to his advantage.

NFL Comparison for Stone Forsythe

There are not many humans that move like him at his size. However, we were able to pull a list of players that compare favorably from recent NFL combine performances. The list includes a wide group of names, but it is worth noting that a physical comparison is also the comparison that came up with. This is a great comparison that makes a lot of sense. That would be Nate Solder.

Solder came into the NFL a bit raw but had the size and foot quickness that you cannot teach. It took time, but Solder grew into a stud and trusted left tackle. The upside of Stone Forsythe could hit that Nate Solder high, making him the best NFL comparison.

Does Stone Forsythe fit Chicago Bears?

Stone Forsythe may not come in on day one and compete to start at left tackle. However, his upside is that of a long-term starter at left tackle. That could make him a great fit with the Chicago Bears. The Bears have Charles Leno signed but could move on from his contract next offseason.

Stone Forsythe could enter camp with no pressure to start but would be a strong favorite to find himself as a 2022 starter. Beyond that, if he does play well in his transition and does push Leno out of the lineup faster, that is only a bigger win for Chicago.

The question will be his round value. In a loaded tackle class, his name seems to be falling under the radar. If the Chicago Bears could find an athletic tackle with upside on day three, this is the type of player they need to jump on.