Media sources predict what position the Chicago Bears will draft first

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Only one analyst thinks the Chicago Bears walk away with an EDGE rusher

Out of the 17 analysts Larry Mayer included in his breakdown, thankfully only one believes the Chicago Bears select an EDGE rusher in the first round. Although the team has struggled the last two years to find sacks, the team has too much dedicated to that one position to add another player to the rotation this early in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Lance Zierlein of is predicting Ryan Pace takes Gregory Rousseau in the first round. Personally, this would be a big mistake. Even if the Bears do look to take an EDGE rusher in this draft, Rousseau is not the guy I would hope they take. He is my fifth-ranked EDGE prospect in the upcoming draft.

Rousseau has only played 15 college games and although he has great upside, the Chicago Bears do not have the luxury of looking for a player like this at a position that is not as high of a need as others. I am a true believer in taking the best player available, while only weighing needs into the equation slightly — especially in the first round. The problem here is that I cannot imagine Rousseau will be the best player available, even throwing need out the window.