Chicago Bears NFL Draft 2021: Big time trades with the Eagles

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears get a little help from a third team in this trade

It is very rare to see a 3-team trade in the NFL, but the Bears could utilize one other team in their quest to move up and draft a quarterback. Make no mistake, if the Bears move into the top 10, it will be with one thing in mind: quarterback.

The Carolina Panthers own the No. 8 overall selection, and if the Bears wanted to move up to a spot like that, they would need quite a bit more than what they could currently offer. Fortunately, the Eagles are a little closer to pick No. 20 and would present an excellent partner in this 3-team deal.

In the end, the Bears wind up with the No. 8 overall pick from Carolina. That’s it. They make this move in order to snag whichever quarterback is still sitting there at eight overall.

In exchange for giving up that No. 8 pick, the Panthers move back four spots to the Eagles’ No. 12 pick, but they also net a first-round pick from the Bears in next year’s draft.

For getting involved, and moving back eight spots, the Eagles net a third-rounder this year and a second-rounder next year from Chicago.

What really makes this deal work is the fact that the Panthers just traded for Sam Darnold, so they are counting on him for at least this season. The Eagles, of course, have enough faith in Hurts to ride him for the 2021 season and see what happens. However, if either of these teams need to go in a different direction at quarterback in 2022, they’ll have additional draft capital to help them in that quest.