5 reasons Chicago Bears will trade up for QB in 2021 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports /
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This is what Ryan Pace does

When does Ryan Pace not trade up? Even if it is just one spot, or even if he is trading future picks to get into a round that he currently did not have a pick in, you can expect Ryan Pace to trade up. Beyond that, more than any year, Ryan Pace really needs to trade up.

Did he need to trade up for Mitch Trubisky? The world will never know, but he had a nice fallback option at pick if Trubisky did get picked. Did he need to trade future picks for Anthony Miller? No.

Need may be too strong, but Ryan Pace has to feel as though his job on the line this offseason. George McCaskey said that he will reevaluate where Pace stands after this offseason, knowing that the past two years were not good enough.

Ryan Pace needs to find a way to build excitement and keep his job. Even if Andy Dalton starts all year, Pace having a card in his back pocket to pull, and say that there is a promise for better in the future goes a long way. You may not want the Bears to trade up, but Ryan Pace is going to feel as though he has to trade up. When Pace wants to trade up, he usually gets his way. If it is a bidding war, do not expect him to lose.