The Chicago Bears must not reach for any of these quarterbacks

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The Chicago Bears must not select Kellen Mond in the first round

There have been plenty of rumors going around how we might see a sixth quarterback selected in the first round. Kellen Mond is a hot name among many analysts. Some even have him in their top five quarterback rankings.

I prefer to do my rankings in tiers. This is something I picked up on while analyzing fantasy football. For example, Trevor Lawrence is in a tier of his own at quarterback. Below that tier is Justin Fields and Zach Wilson. Then I have Mac Jones and Trey Lance in the next tier. My fourth tier consists of three quarterbacks and Kellen Mond is one of them.

Mond has a bit of an unorthodox release with his elbow higher than most. I do not view Mond as high as most others but I would be happy with Mond should the Chicago Bears land him outside of the first round. Honestly, I am not willing to even take Mond, or any of these guys, at 52.

The one thing that Mond does have though that sets him apart from the other two prospects on this list is a cannon of an arm. He could develop into something more, but I just struggle with his lack of fluidity that the top-five prospects hold. What I would be willing to do is take Mond if the Bears trade back in the second or back up in the third.

Ideally, though, I want a top wide receiver and a starting-caliber offensive tackle taken with the first two picks in this draft.