Chicago Bears: Exclusive Devin Hester interview by Jon Zaghloul

Chicago Bears (Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears have another player who has a chance at the Hall of Fame soon. Of course, I am talking about cornerback turned returner turned somewhat wide receiver, Devin Hester. Let’s be honest, Devin Hester was never a very good cornerback nor a great wide receiver. Then why are we even discussing the idea of putting Hester into the Pro Football Hall of Fame? The answer is simple — he is arguably the best return man to ever play the game.

As Devin Hester approaches Hall of Fame eligibility in 2022, we have seen an uptick in conversations and sports debates about Hester. He took part in an exclusive interview by Jon Zaghloul of Sports Talk Chicago/WCKG. The interview discusses more than just the Hall of Fame, but here is a sneak peek of what was to be said on that topic.

During the interview, Jon Zaghloul and Devin Hester discuss the current state of the Chicago Bears, Hester’s opinion of the Andy Dalton signing and even his thoughts on Mitch Trubisky. Hester had much nicer things to say about some of these players and the organization itself than former Super Bowl champion Jim McMahon.

It should be known that Devin Hester does not believe the Chicago Bears should draft a quarterback in 2021. He thinks they should stick with Andy Dalton and find another piece to put on offense to help Dalton this season.

Devin Hester also weighs in on Ryan Pace and his NFL Draft experience in 2006. What was interesting to hear if you did not know about it was how Hester was originally going to be drafted by the Tennessee Titans. While on the phone with the Titans, they called to tell him he was going to be selected, however, they switched gears within the last five seconds. The Titans went on to select LenDale White instead.

White went on to have two solid seasons before being traded to the Seahawks after his fourth year in the league. White gained over 1,000 yards and scored seven touchdowns in his sophomore season. He then gained 773 yards and 15 rushing touchdowns the year after. In his final season with the Titans, he hardly touched the ball and then never played a down again once traded. He was a part of the Seahawks and Broncos rosters but never actually played a down again.

It could be due to the abundance of concussions White suffered, but it would appear that drafting the greatest returner to ever play the game of football would have been a better selection. Devin Hester discusses how he felt during that process in the interview as well. Let’s just say he was not thrilled.

Devin Hester believes he should be the next Chicago Bears Hall of Famer

While talking with Jon Zaghloul of Sports Talk Chicago/WCKG, Devin Hester makes it known that he undoubtedly believes he is a Hall of Famer. He does not try to play it off as if he should be recognized as a wide receiver. He knows he should only get into the Hall of Fame as a returner. He seems a little frustrated by the fact we are debating him as a Hall of Famer too. Instead, he believes the debate should only be if he should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer — he should be.

The interview also discusses the difference between a kick returner and a punt returner, but he still feels as if he was the best at both despite the pushback that many do not view him as the best kick returner to ever play. Devin Hester tells those critics to watch film and talks about how no one would kick to him any longer — another truth by Hester. He goes on to discuss other legitimate reasons why he should be inducted, but the one that stands out the most to me is his All-Decade Team honors. Do not be cute, just put him in.

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The rest of the interview discusses what making the Hall of Fame would mean to Devin Hester. Make sure to check out the entire segment and interview by clicking here.