Chicago Bears: Allen Robinson for Julio Jones trades?

Kyle Fuller, Chicago Bears (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kyle Fuller, Chicago Bears (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Welp…I do not know what to say here. Reports came out that the Atlanta Falcons are taking phone calls regarding trades involving one of the best wide receivers to ever play the game — Julio Jones. Now, it appears some Chicago Bears fans are calling for a Julio Jones for Allen Robinson swap. Details are not given in what is being included outside of the two star receivers, but all I can say is, seriously? Alright, seriously is not all I have to say, I just am in shock by the thought.

Allen Robinson is only 26 years old and still in the prime of his career for the Chicago Bears. He may not be as good as Julio Jones, but the idea of swapping Robinson for Jones who is 32 years old and cannot stay healthy is a little nuts to me. Who would want to make this move?

Last year was the first season that Julio Jones did not reach 1,000 yards receiving since 2013. The reason why he didn’t reach that feat — an injury that limited him to only nine games. In 2013, the same thing happened when he only played five games. This is why trading for Jones and giving up Allen Robinson makes little sense to me. That and Jones’ age.

Julio Jones is better when healthy, but Chicago Bears can’t make this trade

Now, I would not try to convince anyone that Allen Robinson is better than Julio Jones. Jones has led the league in receiving twice. He has led the league in receiving yards per game three times. He is a seven-time Pro Bowler and two-time, first-team All-Pro. Robinson has only been to one Pro Bowl. That said his last two years in Chicago have been worthy of a Pro Bowl selection and he did not have Matt Ryan throwing him the football.

Now, the big thing here besides health is age. Most receivers fall off after the age of 28. Julio Jones has not fallen off, but at 32, that fall is going to come soon. Give me Robinson’s production over the next year or two (or more if they can extend him) over what we will see from Jones.

Now, there is only one way I am willing to make this trade (and it won’t happen). Should Atlanta be willing to trade the fourth-overall pick to the Chicago Bears with Julio Jones, for the Bears 20th overall pick, Allen Robinson and either a mid-round pick this year or third-round pick in 2022, then sign me up.

Next. Bears should trade up if rumors are true. dark

Again, this is not going to be likely and Jones is most likely to be traded as a post-June 1st trade anyway to save the Falcons more cap space. Why would a team hurting for cap space (both are actually) swap expensive contracts ($23M vs. nearly $18M)? Let’s just stop the Allen Robinson for Julio Jones talk because that (or any other Jones trade to Chicago) is not, I repeat not, going to happen.