5 Best outcomes for Chicago Bears round 1

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Chicago Bears, Christian Darrisaw
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3. Christian Darrisaw, LT, Virginia Tech

Christian Darrisaw is the least likely of all of these players to be on the board by the time Chicago picks. However, reports have come out that some of these tackles will fall due to the depth of the class, and Darrisaw has fallen into the 20s in recent mock drafts. His injury this offseason and lack of pro day could hurt his cause, even though he is expected to be ready for the season.

Darrisaw has the physical traits that you want on the offensive line. Besides that, this guy can move for his size. He is a punisher at the second level and loves to take players with him on a ride clearing the way for running backs. He played in a primary zone-blocking system and it would be a great fit to see him jump into the running scheme that Chicago runs.

Chicago Bears fans have been clamoring for an upgrade to Charles Leno for years. The offensive line has been cast aside for too long. Darrisaw would be the dream of the player you assumed was out of reach falling into your lap.