Could Chicago Bears really pass on Justin Fields?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

We are starting to learn that the NFL is lower on Justin Fields than many in the NFL draft media. Adam Schefter virtually guaranteed that Fields will fall to at least pick seven, and reports are that Fields could not fall as low as the teens.

While the reports have been minimal, there is some noise that Fields will even slip into the 20s. It at least has to bring the question of what exactly Ryan Pace thinks of Justin Fields. If the NFL as a whole is lower it could cause Fields to fall into his lap. However, if Pace is aligned with the decision-makers in the NFL, could he really pass on Justin Fields?

It is almost too hard to imagine. Even if Ryan Pace does not like Justin Fields, you almost feel as though Pace would have to pull the trigger. He could not possibly suffer passing on the star QB again. Heck, it is hard to even justify Pace letting Fields all the way to pick 15, where New England could potentially draft him to sit behind Cam Newton.

Even if Fields is a miss, and the concerns are real, the Chicago Bears would have to take their shot. It is far too hard to hit on a quarterback, and while everyone thinks they know, nobody really knows.

Justin Herbert was picked apart and fell to the Chargers. Despite a bad line and injuries throughout the defense, the excitement he brought has changed the franchise. Patrick Mahomes fell to pick 10, and DeShaun Watson even later. Lamar Jackson fell, Dak Prescott fell, too often these star quarterbacks get picked apart in the process.

In the case of Prescott, Watson, Jackson, and Herbert these collegiate QBs won huge games and were highly regarded in college. So did Justin Fields. No one is saying that Fields will be these players, but the combination of size, arm, speed, accuracy does not come every so often.

You can say he is an OSU QB, but Cardale Jones was much slower, JT Barrett much smaller, Dwayne Haskins is nowhere near the physical presence that Justin Fields is.

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Fields may miss, but when you are the Chicago Bears and you have missed and missed and missed you cannot pass up a chance at a quarterback with the profile that Justin Fields has. He cannot fall past 20.