5 Offensive Lineman who could fall to Chicago Bears pick 52

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The Chicago Bears swung on the most important position in sports with Justin Fields on Thursday night. However, as anyone knows, as important as QB was, the Bears needed to fix their offensive line as well. So, now as they sit and wait until they are on the board at pick 52, the team is now waiting and hoping for top offensive lineman to fall.

After a wild first round, some of the top linemen are still on the board. With 20 picks to go until the Chicago Bears are on the clock, they have a realistic chance of seeing one of these five.

5. Liam Eichenberg, Notre Dame

If you have been reading our site, you knew that Liam Eichenberg was going to fall in the 2021 NFL draft. We have highlighted that the issue with Eichenberg is his length. There are very few success stories at tackle with his reach and betting on the exception to the rule is never as smart as it feels at the moment.

Teams did not want to bet on an outlier or a future guard in round one. That may even get him to fall to pick 52. However, at pick 52 the Chicago Bears should stop worrying about the arm length, and give the kid a shot.

Eichenberg has everything you want from a guard prospect and still has the feet to play tackle. He can improve the run game no matter where he plays. The Bears could give him a shot at tackle and if it fails, they know they have a safe player at guard. Still, his upside at tackle is not worth a first-rounder, but in round two could be intriguing.