Chicago Bears 2021 NFL Draft: 4 players now feeling the pressure

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Just in case you are one of those Chicago Bears fans who has chosen to forego the 2021 NFL Draft because of the way Ryan Pace appeared to be running the team into the ground, it’s time to pay attention now.

For all the questionable moves Pace has made up to this point, he certainly reeled a lot of fans back in due to how he handled the draft over the weekend.

Pace decided to throw caution to the wind and go all-out in this draft, starting in the first round. Trading up to pick no. 11 to draft Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields may have been the draft’s biggest story as a whole. Fields was projected to slide a bit, for whatever reason, and the Bears reaped the reward.

There has been no better draft in Pace’s history than the one we just witnessed. He single-handedly turned this franchise around in a matter of three days with how well he drafted. In fact, it’s hard to find an outlet that’s not raving about the Bears’ draft haul.

With all the excitement, however, comes some murkiness for a few particular players.

Ryan Pace’s execution of the 2021 NFL Draft should have some players nervous

There is always two sides to every story, and because the Bears had such an incredible draft this past weekend, a few players, in particular, should be feeling a bit of pressure.

It’s always a tough dynamic because current players typically try to be excited for the rookies. They remember the moment they got their shot as a pro, too. But, certain players might have a difficult time staying positive for the rookies knowing their futures could be in danger.

It isn’t easy watching a team potentially draft your replacement. It has to be a bit deflating, knowing your team’s general manager either wants to give you some competition or ultimately push you out of the picture altogether.

For these four Bears, that’s exactly what this weekend brought them.