Chicago Bears: What to remember from Teven Jenkins press conference

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Are Justin Fields and Teven Jenkins the future faces of the Chicago Bears?

In a short, concise sentence from Jenkins, the Chicago Bears gained a bit of confidence and optimism on their future as a franchise.

"“I think [Justin Fields and I] both are going to be great things for this city and great things for this team.”"

And you know what? I agree. I know, I know– what a bold claim.

When you look at teams that have long-term success, there are a few consistent factors within these organizations. First off, that team probably has a guy that has the title of “Franchise Quarterback”, which the Bears seemed to have gotten with Justin Fields. It’s hard to say since he hasn’t even had a practice with the Chicago Bears, but that’s what speculations as of now are pointing to.

The next factor teams with long-term success have would be someone to protect that quarterback, somewhat of a bodyguard for that franchise quarterback if you will. And, if you’re basing this off speculations up to this point, Jenkins is the Bears’ checked box on that factor.

So, now the Bears have two major factors that teams with long-term success possess. Again, that’s true based on speculations only at this point. Who knows what plays out in reality, but for those that speculate, this is an incredible change in off-season plans for the Chicago Bears.

Along with thinking Fields and himself are great for the city and the team, Jenkins made interesting speculation that also should get Chicago Bears fans excited.

"“I definitely feel like [me and Justin Fields] can grow old on this team. I have a very strong feeling about this team that I definitely want to be here for a long while.”"

And to an outsider looking in on the process that Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy seem to be building rapidly in Chicago, that sentence can hold a lot of weight for how this team pursues its journey to success.

Chicago Bears new offensive tackle Teven Jenkins is an immediate impact player

Anytime a team trades up, there should be a reason to do so. In my opinion, Jenkins is definitely worth the trade. He’s a versatile offensive lineman that has experience performing the duties of each position on the line, and he has proven success at the college level of performing the duties of an offensive tackle very, very well.

Both based on his press conference and the tape available of Jenkins, the Bears got a very solid player in Jenkins at No. 39, and I think it is safe to say that he makes an immediate positive impact on the Chicago Bears offense, and most specifically, the offensive line: an area of concern this off-season.

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So, with one press conference out of the way, welcome to Chicago, Teven Jenkins!