Chicago Bears: 5 reasons Ryan Pace nailed 2021 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields

Chicago Bears (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

What is this world we are living in? This is a world most Chicago Bears fans are not accustomed to.

This past weekend was a truly unbelievable whirlwind for the Bears and their fan base. Many of us are still pinching ourselves wondering if this is a dream.

Did general manager Ryan Pace really do that? Did that actually happen?

Bears fans don’t typically get nice things. We just don’t — and we’re used to it. Many of us have accepted it. So, for a large portion of the fan base to feel like this is still a dream? That’s understandable. However, the 2021 NFL Draft did, in fact, go down in such magnificent manner.

It happened. You better believe that it happened.

Not only did the Bears trade up to get Justin Fields, but Pace made a handful of excellent picks later on in the draft including a couple of other trades. Going up to get Oklahoma State tackle Teven Jenkins in the second was a shock, but Pace made it clear he wasn’t messing around. He was going to protect that prized quarterback he just drafted.

As fans, it’s easy to look at the draft class and give the Bears resounding praise. But, don’t let the fans tell you. Let the experts speak, too.

Countless outlets continue to give the Bears an A+ for their job over the weekend, including the like of Pro Football Focus, Pro Football Network and The Ringer. Let’s not forget the team here, as well.

In fact, there was a table compiled by one particular football fan which averaged out the draft grades given by nearly 20 experts in the industry. The table shows all 32 teams and grades by all 18 of these experts. Your Chicago Bears graded out at the very top of the class.

It’s safe to say that the rave reviews are not simply coming from solely the Bears’ fan base. Pace is getting national attention for his work done this weekend. So, how’d he do it? Why was it such a huge success? There are five factors that go into why Pace absolutely nailed the 2021 NFL Draft.

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