Chicago Bears: A thank you letter to the teams of the NFC East

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Kyle Pitts
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Chicago Bears fans thank you Dallas Cowboys

Do not worry Cowboys, you are second on my list of thank yous. This section might have fewer connections than the Eagles to how the entire first round of the 2021 NFL Draft played out, but let’s dive in anyway.

Rumors were swirling that Jerry Jones was all-in on Kyle Pitts should he get close enough to his pick at 10th-overall. Luckily for us Chicago Bears fans, Pitts was selected fourth overall by the Atlanta Falcons. This led to the trade between the Eagles and your organization. Although the Eagles initiated the want to move up from 12 to 10, your organization still had to accept the offer. This allowed the Eagles to jump ahead of the New York Giants.

In doing so, the Eagles took the Giants’ rumored player and this led to them making a trade with our beloved Chicago Bears to move back from 11th overall.

We need to thank you for your willingness to make a trade within your own division. This is not as common, but it worked out in what seems to be every team’s favor. Without this trade between your organization and the Eagles, Justin Fields would not be wearing orange and blue this season.