Where will Damiere Byrd fit into Chicago Bears depth chart

Chicago Bears (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images) /

The signing of Damiere Byrd is not a major change, but it does shake up the Chicago Bears depth chart and where they stand. There was plenty of questions about the depth of the corps as it is, and adding another name into the bunch will only bring more.

Byrd had a career-high 604 yards for the Patriots last season and wound up starting in 14 games, which gives Bears fans an idea that he could be a contributor. However, that doubled his career total in yards which he accumulated over four seasons prior. He is 27 years old and was on a team that overhauled their receiving corps after relying on him. That is where he stands.

So, entering training camp the only thing we know for sure is that Allen Robinson is the top WR, and Darnell Mooney will also play on the outside. From there, we are speculating.

The rest of the names include:

Anthony Miller, Javon Wims, Riley Ridley, Marquise Goodwin, Damiere Byrd, Dazz Newsome. There are other names to consider, such as Jester Weah, but that gets us to eight, and only five, maybe six will make it. So with Robinson and Mooney as locks, who hits the other three or four slots?

Slot usage

The big question is going to be who will take slot snaps. Robinson mixes into the slot, but while some associate Mooney with the small slot type, he is a much more straight line with his speed, and is an outside deep threat.

The Chicago Bears need to find some slots in their corps. This is why while fans want Anthony Miller, he is still on the roster.

Miller is primarily a slot WR, and the only other player on the list to fit that profile is Dazz Newsome. Last year Byrd 839 snaps on the outside to 62 in the slot. It is clear he is not jumping in to replace Anthony Miller.

Special Teams

If you are not going to be in the slot, you are a depth player. If you are a depth player you have to provide something to keep a job. That is where special teams come into play. Still, once again we do not see huge candidates here.

Goodwin used to return kicks, but that was about five years ago. Ridley and Miller have been with the team and have not played special teams, so it is hard to say that will start now. Byrd has played special teams, but that was back in 2018.

This is where Newsome and Wims stand out. Wims has been a relied on special teamer, which is why most fans want him gone, or at least below Riley Ridley, but he continues to get activated over him on gameday due to this value. Newsome won ACC special teams player of the week multiple times and can work on the gunner game, and in the return game.


When you identify their roles, it will be hard for late-round pick Dazz Newsome to unseat Miller, so the Bears may keep him if they do not have their doors blown away. Still, Newsome being not only the backup slot but the second most experienced on special teams has to give him a great shot at making the roster.

With Miller and Newsome in the slot, you could argue the pure speed of Goodwin would make him valued as the only backup to Darnell Mooney. With that in mind, it could be Byrd, Ridley, and Wims competing to be the backup to Allen Robinson.

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Ridley has to be the last man out, he brings little to nothing of value. Byrd has more experience, Wims is the more relied on special teams asset. The reality is that if Miller gets traded, both culd stick around.

  1. Allen Robinson
  2. Darnell Mooney
  3. Anthony Miller
  4. Marquise Goodwin
  5. Javon Wims
  6. Dazz Newsom
  7. Damiere Byrd
  8. Riley Ridley