Chicago Bears: A breakdown with grades of Ryan Pace’s 2021 draft trades

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The Chicago Bears jumped up again in the second round to select Teven Jenkins

Alright, here we go again. Ryan Pace did not hesitate as he jumped up again in the second round. This time he moved up 13 spots to select Oklahoma State offensive tackle, Teven Jenkins. Chicago Bears fans (including myself) lost their minds when Ryan Pace was able to select an offensive tackle in the second round that many had mocked to them at 20th-overall in the first.

This means that if both Justin Fields and Teven Jenkins live up to their 2021 NFL Draft hype, then Pace and the Bears were able to land two first-round talents despite only owning one first-round pick. That would be amazing.

As it stands, it appears that Jenkins is the leading candidate to start at left tackle as the team let Charles Leno go in a cap-saving move. Releasing Leno as a post-June 1st cut gives the Bears roughly $9 million to spend. Unfortunately, that realistically only covers the 2021 NFL Draft class.

Let us forget about the player selected for a minute, how did Ryan Pace do with this trade? Continuing to use both the Rich Hill and Jimmy Johnson models, we will see how this draft trade values out in the end. The 39th-overall pick is worth 153 (510) and the 151st-overall pick is worth 12 (31). This means that Pace received a total of 165 (541) points in draft capital. However, what did he give up in return?

The 52nd-overall pick is worth 109 (380), while the 83rd-overall pick had a value of 52 (175) and the 204th-overall pick has a value of 4 (10). This brings what the Panthers received in the trade to a grand total of 165 (565).

Wow, you can’t get any closer to an even trade when it comes to values if you tried. Ryan Pace broke even on the Hill model with 165 points and he was slightly behind on the Johnson model with 541 points compared to 565 points. Now add in the value of drafting a first-round talent in Teven Jenkins and clearly Ryan Pace wins this trade on paper.

Draft Trade Grade: A