Film Review: 5 legitimate concerns in Justin Fields NFL projection

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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2. Justin Fields plays Hero ball

As noted, Fields can press, especially when he feels like he needs to make a play. This is honestly when he is at his worst, though. When he is calm, and poised, and playing in rhythm he is fine, but when he presses, it goes haywire.

The play below is a dash of half-brilliance, half-disaster. You are in awe of the feet, the movement, the ability to keep balance, keep eyes downfield, keep the play alive. Then, the end. Ugh, throwing a duck in the air up for grabs at the last second is not what you want. At some point, the play needs to die. In this specific situation, his team was losing in the Big 10 Championship and he was pressing to make a play.

Again, Fields needs to protect the ball, and this time he pays for it below. What is he thinking? It is third down and he wanted to make a play. Again, he dashes up with speed, he has the strength to keep the play alive, it is impressive he threw it that far. It is still a bad decision and one that he needs to avoid and live for another down in the NFL.

I am not going to clip it, because it resulted in an injury, but in the semifinal, when Fields came back from a rib injury, the rib injury was avoidable. He could have slide and lost a yard on a scramble where he was picking up big yards. However, he was in playmaker mode and wanted to get physical with a linebacker when he took a vicious blow. Fields need to protect himself more and typically does, but when he feels he needs to make a play, he stops thinking.