Chicago Bears: 3 things Justin Fields proved at rookie minicamp

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Justin Fields is ready to push his Chicago Bears teammates

One of the most profound moments we saw over the weekend was when offensive tackle Larry Borom told the media that Fields was all business on the field. Borom specifically said that “It’s definitely 100 percent business” from his quarterback and that he tries to echo that type of intensity.

Whether he verbally pushes his teammates or does it through his actions, Fields is making an impact on his fellow rookies. He conducted himself in a way that shows the other guys he’s ready to play at the highest level, whether it’s during a simple rookie minicamp or on Sunday afternoons. There should be no difference between the two, according to Fields.

Speaking of playing at the highest level, Fields also spoke about his teammates and why they should be striving for nothing short of a starting job.

"“I think everybody on our team should be striving for a starting job and if you’re not, then there’s no reason for you to be here.”"

Some could interpret this quote as a bit of arrogance, but that’s not even close to what Fields meant. This kid is so confident and so focused that he expects every other teammate to be the same way. He expects every teammate to operate under the mentality that they should be a starter.

That type of mentality should motivate and push every one of these fellow rookies. It should give hope to the guys who went undrafted and are fighting for a roster spot. These are all world-class athletes, and they’re all on the same stage now. In Fields’ mind, they should all be striving for the exact same thing.