Chicago Bears: 3 things Justin Fields proved at rookie minicamp

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Chicago Bears rookie Justin Fields proved he can handle the spotlight just fine

There was another moment that caused Bears media to stop in their tracks and just enjoy the moment because I don’t believe we’ve ever heard the type of confidence in a Bears quarterback like we’ve gotten from Fields.

Fields was asked about enduring the spotlight in Chicago, especially because he’s playing a position in which the Bears have been starved for so long. His response? It should get you plenty ready for Sundays.

"”I’m made for this. I’m built for this. It’s nothing new to me.”"

This response was given before his first-ever Bears practice. He hadn’t even yet stepped on the field, and he was laser-focused.

You have to remember, Fields was a transfer from Georgia to Ohio State — a program in which many quarterbacks have gone pro, but none have really panned out in the past couple of decades.

So, not only is Fields hearing the chatter about Ohio State quarterbacks, but he’s hearing just how desperate the Bears fan base is for a star quarterback.

And he’s ready for it. He’s built for it.

To hear these types of responses from a Bears quarterback is unusually refreshing. Bears fans haven’t heard or seen this type of confidence from a quarterback in quite some time. Recent Chicago quarterbacks have been much more nonchalant with their demeanor by comparison. This kid? He’s for real.