Chicago Bears: The key to Justin Fields starting is himself

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The Chicago Bears should start Justin Fields when he is ready

Am I calling the Chicago Bears rookie a potential Hall of Fame talent? Yes, I won’t crawl into a hole and say the potential isn’t there. That is the definition of generational talent. But what does that all have to do with Justin Fields starting when he is ready?

Well, if Fields works hard, he will get the coaching staff’s attention. If Fields wants it like he claims he does, Fields will start sooner than later by not only showing he is the best quarterback on the roster but one of the better quarterbacks in the league. That is the ceiling for Justin Fields. Mitch Trubisky as a prospect was a projection — much like Trey Lance for the San Fransico 49ers. Those types of quarterbacks are projections.

Justin Fields played the top competition in college and beat them. He also played at a high level while winning against those teams. The things a person looks for in a quarterback are in him. Remember Deshaun Watson? We didn’t know what Patrick Mahomes (projection) could become. We knew what Watson could become as long as he worked at it.

Watson showed everybody in training camp that he should be the starter. However, the Texans went with Tom Savage until the struggle was too much. The Texans knew what Watson was going to become. So they tossed him in the game where he played like a rookie for two games. After Watson adjusted to the game’s speed, by Week 3 ( 22-33, 301yrds, 2 TDs, 2 INTs), he was on his way to the professional career he has had.

The nice part about the Chicago Bears not having a projection as a draft prospect is that the team can focus on a lot less to get him ready for the NFL. So if Justin Fields has it, and I believe he does, he only needs to focus on being a quarterback and becoming the best player he can become. The rest will be history.

There are apparent setbacks to why players don’t become HOF caliber players. Injuries, roster building, and other variables are in play. Baker Mayfield started his career great, but year two was a bit of a rocky moment. In year three, Mayfield showed why he is dangerous. Justin Herbert was excellent last season along with Joe Burrow, but they could have some setbacks. None of that takes away the caliber of player they are. Some players just don’t make it, so don’t take the HOF stuff to heart.