What Matt Nagy wants to see from Justin Fields after rookie minicamp

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Matt Nagy has been clear in saying that Justin Fields will start off 2021 behind Andy Dalton. He has also been quoted as saying that when Fields is ready that every one will know. While there is a lot that goes into quarterback play, it did make it tough to gauge when exactly that moment would be from the outside.

In his press conference at the end of rookie mini-camp Nagy was asked to expound on what he means and what he may physically be able to see before he knows that Fields is ready. Nagy talked mostly about mental acumen and speeding things up.

You can check out the full quote here.

Matt Nagy first talked about the speed of the huddle and getting in and out faster. This is something he talked about with Patrick Mahomes and his issues as a rookie because he was not used to huddles in college. Justin Fields is the same way and is getting the play call in a completely different manner. Nagy wants to see him process that information and relay it to his teammates in a fast, precise manner that gets his crew in and out quick before handing over the reigns.

Here is a part of the rest of the quote.

"When the play comes into the headset, and you call the play and break the huddle, and you walk tot he line it feels like you can’t see anything, you are going through the play and trying to remember looks from installs, but you need to be looking quickly to see is your Z off the ball and Y on the ball, is your X on the ball, where is your running back and tight end where is the MIKE, all before the play clock."

With a shorter play clock it is understandable that this process needs to speed up for most quarterback. This does not sound like it is ground breaking stuff, but they are minor details that can get into a QBs head early into his career.

So, if Fields is stressing over these minor details in week one, and is missing his reads, and is over thinking, all of the sudden he starts his career struggling. That is not what anyone wants.

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So, even if many see that Fields looks the part and looks ready, Matt Nagy wants him to be confident in all of the small details and not have to worry about anything breaking down mentally before throwing him into a much faster game.